Self Reflection: Decluttering to Focus on Photography

Self Reflection: Decluttering to Focus on Photography

Self Reflection: Decluttering to Focus on Photography

In the quiet corners of the Fred Miranda forums, a simple question echoed, “Anyone else done buying gear?” Little did I know, this innocent query would stir the depths of my soul, igniting a profound introspection that would reshape my photographic journey.

In another post a confirmation was given as a fellow forum member graced me with words that resonated deeply, “Nicely put… BTW, I love your website… Many moody, sensitive, and beautiful images.” Such compliments, though flattering, became seeds for introspection, prompting me to delve into the very essence of my photographic existence.

Its moments like these that matter not the gear

Choosing Humility Over Ego

In the hushed whispers of my photographic gear sanctuary, I confronted an existential dilemma. Rows of cameras and lenses, pristine in their collector’s condition, stood as silent witnesses to a journey that had taken an unexpected turn. What was the purpose of this extensive collection? Was it a quest for photographic prowess or an inadvertent transformation into a Nikon curator?

Days turned into nights as I wandered through the vast corridors of my Flickr account. Each image, a pixelated echo of my soul, revealed a narrative far beyond the confines of camera models and lens specifications. It was a realization that the essence of my work lay not in the machinery but in the delicate dance between my eye, imagination, light, and composition.

In the silent spaces of self-reflection, I unearthed the truth – I had become a custodian of gear, a Nikon hoarder tangled in the web of possessions. An overwhelming realization enveloped me, urging a shedding of the unnecessary weight that burdened my creative spirit.

And so, with humility as my guide, I embarked on a journey of letting go. I parted ways with equipment untouched for months, with the understanding that photography is not about the volume of gear but the depth of vision.

Slowing down time to count your blessings

Time to Lighten the Load

Guided by a newfound purpose, I entrusted my dormant cameras to the caring hands of Photo Start, a beacon of hope for young minds seeking enlightenment through photography. This act, a humble offering, marked a symbolic transition from gear collector to a benefactor of creative empowerment.

Sorting through my possessions, I divided them into two piles – one laden with relics of neglect, the other bearing the weight of cherished companions. With a heart unburdened, I traversed to Kenmore Camera, my haven for rebirth. The friendly gaze of Guy, a guardian of stories, accompanied me as I relinquished the excess baggage.

I dont think gear when I see the beauty of a photograph

Letting Go!

In those moments of exchange, I found liberation. What remained on my shelf was not an assortment of gadgets but a carefully curated ensemble – a Df with a 58G, my trusted lens, a D700 with companions, and the whispering presence of a Nikon F3, a nostalgic relic awaiting its destiny.

Capturing the beauty of everyday life

As I released my film cameras and accessories into the digital currents of eBay, I felt the weight lift, making space for the essence of photography to flood back into my life. The clutter dispersed, leaving room for clarity and purpose.

This past week, armed with a refined selection, I rediscovered the joy of photography. My bag, once a burdensome menu of choices, now echoed simplicity, a symphony of essentials tailored to my creative appetite.

No longer entangled in the complex web of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S), I walked into my office, not as a curator of possessions, but as a humble seeker of moments. The realization dawned that it was never about the gear; it was, and always will be, about the artistry of light and shadow.

Getting Back to Photography

Making New Memories

In this newfound lightness, I embraced my role as a photographer, not a collector. The journey ahead beckons with promises of moments that spark imagination, creations that honor beauty, and a celebration of daily blessings. As I step into the future, I carry with me the understanding that, at the end of the light, there is enough to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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