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Time Goes By So Quickly

Work, pups, horses and the days have run out of time for photography lately. This makes me sad…I cant say I haven’t picked up my camera or looked at my equipment, I just haven’t had a break to take a much needed break.

My soul is aching to photograph beauty…


Photography is my passion, but fortunately I do have a day to day where I put in the hours to make a living…lately that has slowed down but we will always forge forward.

I also help to run a household, fur babies and care for all the needs we require to succeed and survive.

The pandemic, the panic and the stress of all that comes with a world that is spinning off its access takes its toll. I don’t focus on media and news for my own mental health. Some would frown on this choice, I would rather focus on the things I can control.

Rest and Restoration

Being an empath and a very sensitive soul, I try to manage my character with care and faith.

I see so many friends, family and strangers stressed. I see less interaction and more distancing. However, I am grateful for the blessings that God has given us. Our home, our love and our community is strong!

This update is necessary for me. I love this site, I care about photography for what it provides as a witness to how I choose to share it…which is a focus on beauty, blessings and Godly creations.

Time is of the essence, in this case I will use this translation:

“The essence of something is its basic and most important characteristic that gives it its individual identity.”

As long as I am blessed to give back to this life I hope to continue sharing here with whomever chooses to reciprocate. With that said I will include a small gallery within this post to share some beautiful glimpses into how I see the world…

More to Come

I’ll make time in the coming weeks to post a beautiful family session and some more photographic moments I was able to capture by focusing on the things most dear to my heart.

Stay blessed my siblings in Christ for life is a journey…choose your path wisely!

By AniT, February 19, 2022
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