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A Tribute to Indy: Embracing Life’s Unpredictable Journey

The author recounts the emotional bond they shared with their horse, Indy, who recently passed away. Indy wasn’t just a horse, but a cherished companion whose understanding exceeded language barriers. The pain of losing Indy is vividly felt, yet solace is found in memories and photographs of their shared experiences. Despite experiencing a devastating fire in their local wilderness and the loss of Indy, looking forward, the author aims to explore their state with a new horse, Rain, using hope and Indy’s spirit as their guiding forces.

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Healing Through Photography

In the vast realm of online sharing, the vulnerability of photographers unfolds like a delicate flower. I’ve sensed this trepidation not only within myself but echoed in the voices of fellow photographers during interviews. The fear of having our innermost selves judged by strangers is, indeed, a daunting prospect. For me, photography is more than […]

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Time Goes By So Quickly

Work, pups, horses and the days have run out of time for photography lately. This makes me sad…I cant say I haven’t picked up my camera or looked at my equipment, I just haven’t had a break to take a much needed break. My soul is aching to photograph beauty… Photography Photography is my passion, […]

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