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The Magic of 7 Artisans 35mm 0.95

In the quiet moments of yesterday, as I delicately unwrapped the 7 Artisans 35mm 0.95 Photoelectric lens for my cherished X-Pro1, a symphony of emotions swept over me. The weight of the lens in my hands, its robust construction, and its undeniable beauty left me breathless – a serenade to the soul of a photographer.

I am no technical virtuoso; my expressions for this lens are painted with the vibrant strokes of a photography enthusiast’s heart. Manual focus lenses have always held a special place in my photographic journey. The dance with scalloped ring beauties from the 50s fueled my passion, and the allure of the 7 Artisans lens became an enchanting continuation of that legacy.

7 Artisan's 35mm 0.95 Lens

The Fujinon 35mm Lineup

Amidst the plethora of options in Fuji’s 35mm lineup, I found myself drawn to the vintage charm promised by the 7 Artisans lens. A chance encounter with a review, mentioning its old-school feel, set my curiosity ablaze. Words like filmic were whispered, perhaps not universally acknowledged, but they resonated with the photographer within me.

Then came Jonas Rask’s review, a revelation that transformed curiosity into desire. His images, each a testament to the lens’s prowess, painted a canvas of contrasts, saturation, and character – everything I seek in a lens.

The marriage of this lens with my X-Pro1 was a match made in photography heaven, an ethereal partnership that awakened my creative spirit. The construction, the bokeh, and the focusing – each aspect a note in this symphony of artistic expression.

The lens, a testament to craftsmanship, boasts a matte finish that eschews gloss, a black paint that whispers of sophistication, and a gun metal lens mount that exudes elegance. The click-less aperture dial, a silent accomplice in my photographic endeavors, brings a quiet, smooth cadence to my hands.

Build, Bokeh and Focusing

7 Artisans 35mm F0.95 Sample Photo
7 Artisans PhotoElectronic 35mm F0.95 Photo Samples

Focusing becomes a ballet, a buttery movement that invites me to slow down, reminiscent of shooting film. The analog embrace of the X-Pro1 and the 35mm lens breathes life into my photographic wanderings, urging me to capture the essence of each moment.

But, oh, let me caution against the pixel-peepers and the brick-wall photographers! This lens defies the conventions of tack-sharp precision. It is an artistic expression, a conduit from gear to photograph, an invitation to explore the realm of creativity beyond technical scrutiny.

The wide 0.95 aperture, a daring invitation to embrace the challenge, delivers a sharpness that, while not clinical, carries the weight of character. Like sipping a fine Scotch, shooting wide open becomes an experience that transcends sharpness, weaving a narrative of dreaminess and ethereality.

Please, Don’t Pixel Peep on this Lens!

This lens, it seems, is crafted for the bokeh freaks, the lovers of blurred backgrounds and character-filled photographs. It is a tool for those who seek to paint with light, creating portraits, street scenes, and documentary-style images that resonate with emotion.

As I pen down these thoughts, I find myself eager to explore further, to uncover the nuances of this lens that have sparked a newfound curiosity. It has become a companion in my daily adventures, a steadfast presence on my X-Pro1, offering balance, sturdiness, and flawless operation.

In the realm of the “broke photographer,” 7 Artisans has crafted an affordable gem. As an enthusiast like myself, every bit of assistance is a welcomed gift, and this lens stands as a testament to accessible excellence.

Where to Get Your Copy

For those intrigued by my journey, the 7 Artisans 35mm F0.95 lens awaits, currently gracing my camera at a discounted price of $229. The images above, captured through the lens’s eye, were filtered with an URTH ND 8 filter at 0.95, a testament to the lens’s versatility.

As my journey with this lens unfolds, I anticipate frequent updates to this ode to light and glass. In just two days, it has become more than a lens; it is an extension of my vision, a companion in creativity, and a key to unlocking the boundless possibilities of visual storytelling.

More Sample Photos

7Artisans 35mm F/0.95 sample photos
7Artisans 35mm F/0.95 sample photos
By AniT, June 1, 2023

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