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Healing Through Photography

Sharing photographs online can be scary I suppose, for a lot of photographers. I say this because I’ve heard it expressed in interviews by other photographers as well as feeling that same hesitation. To have your vulnerability judged by others who don’t know you can be off-putting to say the least.

My photography is for me! It’s my therapy, which includes a slowing down process that calms a naturally hypersensitive mind that tends to run at 190mph all the time.

The study of light and shadows, composition, how different lenses react to different lighting and how it falls throughout the day and into the night is intriguing and mesmerizing. Learning to witness that dramatic shift created gratitude, focus and a collection of daily blessings.

Being an introvert, and a highly sensitive person, I am not the type to photograph strangers. Architecture is cool, but I live a rural and simplistic life. So trees, flora, fauna and (my) animals are my daily subjects.

Photography for me has been a learning process. When the mind gets racing and life stressors come crashing in, I can grab a camera, a lens and escape for a lil while into my calm space.

Negativity vs Criticism

All this leads me to something said online by a complete stranger. This person does not know me personally nor do I know them. But this person told me what I should be photographing and what I should share. Interesting!

Mind you I don’t care what people think about my life, my photographs or how I live. I create for myself. Occasionally, I will do a photo session for a friend or family member, which supports my photography, but my focus is on what makes me happy.

Am I the most talented photographer? Do I make award-winning photographs? Hell no! And that’s okay with me. I’m not trying to impress anyone nor entertain. Finding peace which Jesus has promised me is my goal. I’m here to live a life worth living and be the happiest person I can be.

Reflections and Healing

I recently watched a film from Fujifilm entitled Reflections. It was a moving and powerful mini documentary with several photographers sharing their reasons for doing what they do. One photographer in particular really hit me to my core. Pilar Silvestre suffered a horrible time where she couldn’t speak or leave her home. She shared how photography helped her overcome her difficult time.

You can watch her story below, it is both moving and inspirational!

“Reflections” 10 Years with X Mount/ FUJIFILM

I’m not afraid of criticism, nor am I opposed to learning or taking advice. However, when someone thinks they understand who you are and judges you, it is quite perplexing. There are many people out there that don’t consider someone’s why, but I do. Scrolling through social media, I approach viewing someone’s creativity with compassion, I can appreciate what is shared. If it moves me to leave a positive comment I will, If not I just move on.

I hope others will think before leaving mindless comments that neither help nor nurture. We never know what someone is struggling through. A bit of kindness and constructive criticism will carry a lot further than hurtful words that don’t come from a place of love.

If you’re feeling discouraged about sharing your artistic creativity online, don’t be. Let your light shine regardless of negativity or hurtful comments. There are many people out there hurting, especially those that create negativity, so trust in your light and live freely in it!

Your world is transformed by your example and not your opinion.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
By AniT, May 18, 2023
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