1933 Pierce Arrow – A Vintage Luxury Car for Remastering

1933 Pierce Arrow – A Vintage Luxury Car for Remastering

1933 Pierce Arrow – A Vintage Luxury Car for Remastering

This beautiful patina antique belongs to my friend’s dad! As it’s for sale, he asked me to come by and take some photographs. The morning I arrived to take these photos it was a little overcast, with some fog.

As I walked up to this old beauty, the morning sun was illuminating its gorgeous design. I was in awe of this old car from the moment I saw it. As the light radiated off of its worn down curvaceous figure, the faded lines began to shimmer…and I began to capture its beauty with my camera.

A quick Google search will reveal the history behind what some consider a money pit or what true enthusiasts regard as a masterpiece to restore.

I think this car deserves a second chance since it looks so stunning, and it’s built like a tank. Just the fact the frame, lights, and doors are still intact after 30 years in overgrown weeds speaks volumes for its construction.

According to Wikipedia, the American luxury carmaker, Pierce-Arrow produced the Pierce Silver Arrow concept car in 1933. This car was designed by Phillip O. Wright and unveiled at the 1933 New York Auto Show. During that first year, five cars were made in a record three months.

I believe this particular model is the 1236 Salon Club Sedan, but that is just a guess based on the doors and trunk design. I am by no means an expert just a fan of beautiful vintage engineering.

As I look through the photos, I can only imagine this arrow flying once again. I can see it soaring down the highway with a shiny fresh paint coat, the smell of new leather upholstery and the sound of that V12 engine humming along.

If only we could turn back time and see this car in its hay day, I bet it must have travelled some beautiful country roads…I can only imagine!

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