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Panther Mode Engaged

Sometimes life sends you on winding paths, and for the past few months, my paths have been paved with work, pups, and the ranch. I have had a hard time keeping my head straight.

Being your own boss can be rewarding and intimidating at the same time. This isn’t a complaint just the truth. It’s especially tough when you forget to set limits. I’m hyper focused sometimes; which can be a curse and a blessing I guess.

The last couple of weeks, I have changed my focus, so I don’t get burned out. I’ve slowed down on work a bit to recoup energy, found alternative ways to exercise two energetic dogs that don’t deplete my own, and renewed my interest in film photography!

I’m buying 35mm/120 film like it’s going out of style! My 35mm cameras have been dusted off and a few rolls have been shot.  

I’ve also taken time to just photograph! I sometimes forget just how meditative photography is for my soul. The same goes for horseback riding; my troubles just melt away when I’m in the saddle or have a camera in hand.

With that said I’m hoping to breathe life back into my website. I have several photography sessions I need to share as well as developing film.

In this post I’m sharing some recent shots of Rowdy and Tika. We’ve probably hiked 50-70 miles weekly and that doesn’t include the miles we’ve blazed on horseback weather permitting.

I hope to get back posting regularly so for now enjoy this update and be sure to follow along on Instagram and Flickr where I post often!

By AniT, May 14, 2022

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