Serenity & Slick – A Final Farewell Session

Serenity & Slick – A Final Farewell Session

Serenity & Slick – A Final Farewell Session

I was asked by a friend a few weeks ago if I was available for a last-minute session. It was Thursday evening when I received the call for an early Friday morning shoot. In this session, Serenity and Slick would spend their last morning together.

As I arrived, I was unsure of what to expect, but for some strange reason, I did not feel nervous. Recently, this has been the case, and I believe it is as a result of the fact that I am enjoying the process of making photographs for others. However, I thought I should be since this was a farewell session. I wasn’t sure how my empath nature would handle knowing this was there last time spent together. And even more how I would react photographing the entire session.

Upon my arrival at 7:30am, I met Serenity and Slick in the front pasture, where they had formed a bond over the past seven years. Serenity and I discussed some ideas for interactions between them, and the photos began to flow.

Serenity did not seem nervous, in fact, she seemed to be so comfortable in front of the camera. Perhaps she was so enamored with Slick that she did not mind that I was there with my camera.

After about an hour of her and Slick bonding, I saw a heavy expression take over Serenity as the mobile vet’s vehicle drove into the east parking entrance.

Destined to Love

I’m going to give a little back history now. Slick is not Serenity’s horse, they bonded as Slick was abandoned at the boarding facility. He had laminitis issues that were not taken care of and after many years it had finally took a turn for the worse.

At this moment, I asked Serenity’s mom if she would like me to stick around until Slick’s sweet soul soared to Heavenly pastures. She said yes, as she wanted photos of Serenity saying goodbye to Slick.

As I watched the veterinarian and her assistants come in, I tried my best not to break down. I really wanted to be strong for Serenity. As my friends and family who know me, I have a hard time watching others in pain. But I was there for a reason and to me that was to stay strong for this young girl and her friend, Slick.

After the sedative was administered Serenity was really having a hard time as they gently laid Slick on the grass for the final injection. I remember whispering to her saying, today Slick is running without pain in Heavenly pastures and looking beautiful. I gave her a hug and we both cried as I am now once again typing out those words.  

Below are some of my favorite photographs from their session together.

Sometimes saying goodbye is the last act of what we want in a chapter of our lives but if we truly look at goodbyes its never final its just a temporary passing of light and shadows<br>nothing ever truly leaves us when its embedded within us and love is the definition of existence when you believe in the core of what love is Ani Trone
Today I witnessed true unconditional love and was privileged to be a part of sharing that moment
Serenity & Slick
True love stories never have endings<br>The entire album can be found here <a href=httpswwwflickrcomgpliltuki4rQro14y40 target= blank rel=noopener>httpswwwflickrcomgpliltuki4rQro14y40<a>

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