New Blog Revamp!

New Blog Revamp!

New Blog Revamp!

Update: 06/10/2023 – Once again my entire blog was compromised, UGH! Oh well, back to the drawing board. I need to upload the missing images, work on the shop and finish updating plugins etc.

C’est la vie!

A while back I lost my entire blog, all my post data, store products the whole nine yards! I’ve been slowly getting back to the drawing board and making sure to not have that happen again!

There will be a lot of changes happening over the next few months as well as going back and creating posts from past photographs. I think this fresh new start will help to ignite creativity and be cause for motivation!

I really want the site and the blog to display fresh content and more meaningful work. Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching and I feel my photography has improved because of it. My focus of my blog is to create a space to journal my life through photographs.

I want to focus content on photography as well as my horses, the pups and life in general. I do plan on making some reviews on gear, books and such along with of course sharing my passion of photography.

The last year, I also have been very busy raising two new pups. I’ll be introducing Rowdy and Tika here in the coming weeks. Both are black, Czech/DDR German Shepherds and they are amazing!

The store will also get a bunch on new prints for sale and some additional new merchandise. So stay tuned!

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