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Seeing Things New

“I’m not interested in seeing new things, I’m interested in seeing things new.” – Ernst Haas

I’ve wanted to photograph this barn for a while, but it wasn’t until today that what I saw in my mind’s eye finally turned into a photograph.

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I took the pups to town and lately I’ve been making sure to bring along the D200 and at least a nifty fifty. I want to make sure in order to stay creative I have my tools with me.

I’ve been studying a lot of photographs from some of my favorite photographers, especially Ernst Haas and Sally Mann.

Haas’ quote above has me really thinking about the idea that you don’t need to be well travelled in order to take “new” photographs.

And if you are familiar with Sally Mann’s photographs you know she became famous for photographing the things around her farm, her family etc.

Both these photographers have helped me to see that I can photograph what I love and love doing it. There is no need to travel to far away places in order to experience the extraordinary.

I am sometimes more than blown away when the light hits right on one of the horse, the barn or the pups playing out in the pasture. And the mountains that are nestled in this Cascade Valley gets me mesmerized during stormy days on many occasion.

The sunrises/sunsets and the changing weather patterns out here are always making a new painting for us to enjoy…

Here are few more photos from our little trip to town, just a quick 5 miles up the road!

Hay bales and fall colors
The country life
Geese resting in old corn field
Baby mooer in the brambles
By AniT, October 23, 2021

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