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“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.” – Ronald Duncan

Horses came to me late in life. It was 16 years ago that I met my Indy. A beautiful filly standing in a paddock that stole my heart and set in motion a new path that transformed my life.

That same year my gelding Rain also came home to us and a pair was bonded to give me a great and undeniable gift.

Some years later, Indy sustained an injury that many thought would be the end. However, Indy healed, Rain overcame his year and a half long sadness as Indy took time off on stall rest. 

During that time we brought home a young Spanish horse named Cimarron. It brought an energy back that was missing. His wild, fierce abandon gave Rain a push to teach the youngster manners and I think it gave Indy the fire she needed to take back the helm as the boss mare!

Within a few months Indy began to heal quickly. She didn’t want to be on stall rest anymore and the improvement in her movement was getting stronger. Needless to say some 10+ years later all three of my horses have grown, bonded and taught me humility and friendship…

My photographs inspired by these three are not typical of horse portraits, I find that I create photos that capture their essence as they are naturally, to me that is where their beauty really shines!

By AniT, October 7, 2021
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